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 Volume 15, No. 8                                       Online Edition                                        October  2002

Halloween at Marian Center Metro State Library Mounds Theater Takes Shape
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Inside This Issue:
  Dayton's Bluff Community Council Election and Annual Meeting
  Visit Scenic Vento Trail in the Fall
  Macalester Students Help Restore Swede Hollow Park
  Mounds Park Association Meets October 8
  Neighborhood Cleanup Was a Success
  Get Help Around the House - Hour Dollars Orientation Shows You How
  Trinity Catholic School Craft Fair Oct. 26
  Tour Trinity School
  "Wish List" for the Marian Center
  Volunteer at the Marian Center
  Mounds Theater Update - Construction Moving Ahead Slowly But Surely
  What Happened to the Dayton's Bluff Urban Partnership?
  A Message from the President at the Start of Metropolitan State's 31st Year
  Metropolitan State University Hosts Domestic Violence Survivor Hedda Nussbaum
  Land of Oz at the Marian Center
  Meet with Police
  Dayton's Bluff Memories and Musings
  Calling All Artists
  Great American History Theater Presents Under the Stars & Stripes: Stories of World War II
  Dayton's Bluff Take a Hike
  My Summer Vacation in Sturgis - With 450,000 People and their Motorcycles
  Cooking in the Bluff - Lasagna with Italian Sausage, Caesar Salad
  Marian of Saint Paul Opens Doors to New Section in Less than 7 Months
  Recycling Days for Dayton's Bluff
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