Dayton's Bluff District Forum               Section B            October 2000

Mounds Park area block clubs
 The next quarterly meeting of the Mounds Park Area Block Clubs will be on Tuesday, October 10th at 7 pm at the Health East Care Center, Marian of St. Paul nursing home, 200 Earl Street.
  Discussion topics will include the ‘Pigs Eye’ sewage treatment plant, Mounds Park improvements, and organizing the group into a resident’s association.  For more information call Al Clausen at 774-3647.
Halloween Party for Seniors at Merrick Community Center
 Celebrate fall with your friends and neighbors.  Enjoy music, dancing, door prizes and lunch.  Prizes will be given to the man and woman wearing the best costumes.
 When: Friday, October 28, 2000
            12:00 noon—Lunch served
             1:00-2:30 p.m.—Music and dancing
 Cost: $5.00
 Where: Merrick Community Center
             715 Edgerton Street
 To make a reservation for lunch or for transportation, please call Kathy Hamilton or Monica Bergdahl at 651.771.8821.
St. Paul Police Department seeks explorer post candidates

 The St. Paul Police Department, in conjunction with Explorer Post 454, is looking for qualified individuals between the ages of 15 and 21 who have an interest in law enforcement and would like to volunteer their time to serve the city of St. Paul.
  Membership in the Explorer Post will allow the participants to have involvement with several of the major public events that occur every year in St. Paul, including the St. Paul Winter Carnival, the Minnesota State Fair, Capital City Cruisers, and the Taste of Minnesota.
  In addition to the opportunity to assist the police department with these activities, the members of the Post will also take part in scenario based training, related to law enforcement skills and procedures and participate in the annual regional conference that is held at Breezy Point Resort during the month of April and in the national conference that is held every other year at locations throughout the United States.
  In order to qualify for membership, applicants must successfully complete a written test, an oral interview and background investigation.  Membership dues are $10.00 annually. For additional information, you may contact the St. Paul Police Volunteer Services Unit at 651.292.3525.

The Portage for Youth
Raeann Ruth, Executive Director
Barbara With, Music Coordinator

 The Portage for Youth logo

  August was a great month at the Portage for Youth.  Portage girls got in two more camping trips before going back to school,  Thespian Snoopy was installed at the Mounds Theater at 1029 Hudson Road, we finally "broke even" on our concession stand sales at Summer Feast (which is a first) and the "Voices in the Wind" Concert was a great success. 
   On the night of August 30th, 75 people gathered at Angel Beach Recording Studio to participate in an innovative new Portage for Youth program, a sing-a-long recording session.  Born from the Songwriting Mentorship Program implemented in the Fall of 1999, the first sing-a-long was not only another step in the evolution of the Portage music program, but it allowed women and girls from all walks of life to learn a song and record it in a professional recording studio.
   The first Portage songwriting recording mentorship program produced "Jagged Innocence," a five-member singing group who wrote and recorded, "Faith in Someday."  This inspirational ballad is an anthem to determination and perseverance.  During this mentorship, the girls pressed their first song to a CD and also performed at the Capital City New Year, a citywide day-long family celebration in St. Paul.

   For the second mentorship, the girls wrote "Family," a tribute to the human race as one family.  During this mentorship, Jagged Innocence performed at the Tenth Annual Conference for Adolescent Youth in Plymouth, Minnesota in April 2000 and received a standing ovation.  It was because of this success that the Portage felt it was time to bring the singing program to other women's and girl’s organizations, as well as to individuals who were interested in a recording experience.
   The next stage of the music program began with a grant from the Grotto Foundation and donations from Women Venture.  Raeann Ruth, Executive Director of the Portage, wrote the words and Barbara With, Portage Music Coordinator, crafted the music and arrangements for the next song, "Voices in the Wind."  The Portage sent out more than 400 invitations to women's and girl's organizations nationwide, to participate in this sing-a-long recording session.
   The Monday before the event, the instrumental parts of the song were recorded an Angel Beach Studio, with ten-year old Mai Yia Vang, a member of "Jagged Innocence" singing the verses and Annie Van, Ann Johnston, Liz Burke-Scoveil, Amber Ruth and Barbara With joining in.  Two days later, seventy-five women and girls showed up to learn and then sing and record the chorus of this song about the power of listening to a child's voice.  The joy of the singing, combined with the accomplishment of learning the song, was surpassed only by hearing the final product, a chorus of over 300 voices (two parts, each sung twice by 75 people). During the recording session, emotions ran high as was evident by the tears flowing down the faces of the participants.  In the
 days that followed, many participants called to thank us for the experience.  For many, it truly was a "dream come true."
   But, as has been the case all along, this explosive program was now faced with another expansion.  Not only is the Portage for Youth offering the sing-a-long recording program to other organizations, the Portage Community Choir is being born. In recording "Voices" it became apparent that people LOVE to sing and that is was very easy to learn a song when you are truly inspired.  It is because of this sing-a-long recording session that the Portage is creating a choir, where even those who don't believe that they can sing can sing their hearts out.  Our newly formed choir will also be preparing for a performance of the grand opening of the Mounds Theater sometime next year.  We are always looking for more voices, so if this is something that you have always wanted to do, give us a call at the Portage for Youth and participate in the Portage for Youth Community Choir.  The number is 772-8674.
  Wherever we go from here, you can bet it will be fun!
 (You can read more about Jagged Innocence on our website at
  Please note: 
 There are still openings for local girls at the Portage for Youth for fall programming.  If you are a girl between the ages of 8-15 and are interested in becoming a participant at an organization where Girls Rule in all the best ways, call for a registration form today or pay us a visit.  Our address is 965 Fremont Avenue, St. Paul.
Marathon coming to Trinity Catholic School
Friday, October 6, is the annual marathon at Trinity Catholic School.  Students have been seeking pledges from family, friends and neighbors since September 15 to sponsor them for the marathon.  Each fall the Knights of Columbus organize this event for catholic schools throughout the state of Minnesota.  It has become the main fundraising event for many schools throughout the state.
 The goal for Trinity this year is $17,000 to assist with the operating budget of the school..  The Home and School Association is the sponsor of the marathon at Trinity Catholic.  Motivating prizes entice the students to reach their goals.  Promises of an extra non-school day, cash prizes for top family and top student encourage families to become involved in seeking sponsors with their child(ren).
 Students will be walking to fulfill their pledges.  The Home and School Association promises treats and a fun time for all as parents and friends join the students in this annual trek.
HOPE Community Academy School

We currently have openings for grades K-3—please join us!  At HOPE, you will find

  • We place academics as the number one priority
  • We are dedicated to high achievement for all students
  • Standards based curriculum
  • Small class sizes with individual attention
  • Emphasis on Hmong language and culture
  • Math, science, and technology focused
  • Longer school year and school day

  • For more information or to register, please call 651-796-4500.  HOPE is located at the corner of Payne and Minnehaha in St. Paul.
    October happenings at St. John's Catholic Church
      Father Thomas Pingatore will be installed as the new pastor at St. John's Catholic Church at the 9:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday, October 8.  Bishop Fred Campbell will be the principal celebrant.  Father Richard Hogan will be the co-celebrant.  A reception will follow in the church hall.
         There will be a dedication for St. John's new organ, lighting and choir loft on Sunday, October 22 at 4:00 p.m.