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 Volume 14, No. 9                                      Online Edition                                       November  2001

Airplanes over Dayton's Bluff are nothing new, but the noise is.  This cartoon says there is  nothing funny about recent events.  National Native American Day was celebrated in Mounds Park.

Great River Greening organized
a Buckthorn removal in Swede 
Hollow Park in August. 100 students from Northwestern College helped with the project.
David Means from Metro State University created Spooky Music on Halloween night at the Mounds Theater. Is that a ghostly orb in front of David? More Halloween photos and the winners of the Dayton's Bluff Halloween decorating contest can be found exclusively in this online edition of the November Dayton's Bluff District Forum.

The Board of Directors of Hopewell Communications, Inc., publishers of the Dayton's Bluff District Forum, would like to say a special thank you to First Lutheran Church for their generous donation to this community newspaper.
Inside This Issue:
  Dayton's Bluff Has Airplane Noise Monitors
  Annual Election and Meeting
  Dayton's Bluff Take a Hike
  Saint Paul to Host “Veteran’s Day 2001: A Celebration of our Heroes and Heroines”
  Trinity Catholic School News
  Hmong Adult Day Care Opens Doors in St. Paul
  Bluffing with Science: Ghost Bluffers, Part 2
  Think Spring: Up-Front Gardening
  Letters to the Editor
  Neighborhood Projects
  Bluff Memories and Musings
  More Good Neighbor Vounteers Needed
  Ask Amber: The Origins of Thanksgiving
  Cooking in The Bluff:: Slow Cooker Broccoli, Rice & Chicken;  Sugar Free Lemon Squares
  Business on the Bluff
  Graffiti Is Not Art, Graffiti Is A Crime
  Talking with Children When the Talking Gets Tough
  Talking with Your Children About Recent Events
  Parents Must Stay Involved if Young Adolescents Are to Succeed
  The Box
  Ghost Story - The Thing He Saw
  Photo Section
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