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 Volume 14, No. 10                                      Online Edition                                       December  2001

Officer Matt Webb is Dayton's Bluff's new storefront cop. The Portage for Youth sends holiday greetings to Dayton's Bluff   Metro Greenways gives award to the Lower Phalen Creek Project
Ed Hirte posing with the tree that was donated to Mounds Park by friends and neighbors in celebration of all of the things that Ed has done over the years to make Dayton's Bluff a better place to live.  Photo by Greg Cosimini
The Lower Phalen Creek Project goes to Harvard University. Snoopy relocates as the Mounds Theatre renovation begins.  Bethlehem  Lutheran Church welcomes 51 new members.
The Board of Directors of Hopewell Communications, Inc., publishers of the Dayton's Bluff District Forum, would like to say a special thank you to First Lutheran Church for their generous donation to this community newspaper.
Inside This Issue:
  Dayton's Bluff Police Storefront Opens
  From Rail Yard to Nature Sanctuary
  Lower Phalen Creek Receives Award
  Mounds Theater Renovation Begins
  An Interview with Dayton’s Bluff School Principal Von Sheppard
  Hmong Join Bethlehem Family
  Bluffing with Science: Ghost Bluffers, Part 3
  Local Project Goes to Harvard
  Letters to the Editor
  The House that Disappeared
  Bluff Memories and Musings
  Mounds Park Meeting
  Ask Amber: The Winter Solstice
  Cooking in The Bluff:: Rosemary Roasted Turkey and Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes
  Business on the Bluff
  A Holiday Wish for Our Friends in Dayton's Bluff
  Expect a Miracle!
  Meet with Police
  A Capital City New Year
  Recycling in Dayton's Bluff
  Dayton's Bluff Bookmobile Stops
  There's No Place Like Home - Online Exclusive 
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